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team first

We are firm believers that outstanding projects emerge from strong teamwork, and we're excited to share this kind of collaborative experience with you.

To be upfront... beginning a project means stepping onto a path that can be both extensive and challenging.

That's why it's very important to carefully choose your companions. We invite you to become part of a close-knit team, ready to stand by you throughout this challenging yet uniquely rewarding journey.

think à la longue

We don't like shortcuts.

We believe that truly successful things take time, knowledge and resilience. Maybe you've decided to finally build your own house, or maybe, after the long experience of working from home, you realized that your apartment could be set up a little bit better. You might have recently taken the leap to launch your business and need support in designing your office/café/shop etc., or you're a seasoned real estate/commercial developer seeking a competent team to fulfill your vision.

Regardless of the scale or complexity of your project, we understand the importance of conducting thorough due dilligence, before committing to any investment. Our team is ready to develop lasting solutions for your ideas and make sure that the things you invest in, are really the important ones. Let's think à la longue!

architecture for you, together with you

We believe that architecture starts from people, from their needs and aspirations. That's why we're here to listen to you carefully and find solid and well-thought-out solutions to make them happen.

Many people are reluctant to the thought of having to hire an architect. Maybe you had unpleasant experiences when you tried to get the project off the ground. Maybe you were discouraged, confused or maybe you've felt like you haven't met someone who really listens to you. Architectural design has come to seem like an inaccessible process for many: cumbersome, expensive, stressful...A step that you would like to overcome as quickly as possible or that you would even avoid.

Our mission is:

to bring architecture as close to people as possible
to help people realize the benefits of well-thought-out and well-made architecture
to guide people in making better choices for the spaces they inhabit
to give people a different experience in their relationship with architects and design

At the same time, we can think of no better way to enjoy what we do than by sharing the experience of designing and building with you. This is our way of bringing architecture closer to you: working for you, together with you.

we don't just deliver projects. we deliver experiences

The experience of building something is special, and we want to make sure you get the most out of it. We will listen to you carefully, patiently and we will be with you in this process that is so important to you. You will see how the project takes shape, day by day, from sketches and plans, to handcrafted and digital 3D models, to execution.

And because we are very concerned about how to offer you as special an experience as possible, we thought that the best way would be to cross over to the other side of the "barricade" too!

Following our experiences of being, simultaneously, architects and clients, we have come to form a two-sided view of the challenges encountered during the design process. Desiring to improve this experience, but also to remove the communication barriers between the architect and the beneficiary, we have optimized our workflow and tools. From personalized questionnaires - for outlining the design brief, to interactive models, from 3D visualizations to virtual tours with VR glasses, all of these will allow you to actually experience the designed spaces, in as many ways as possible.

we are transparent with everything we do

It can be difficult to trust someone with a project as important as yours. You are preparing to make a major investment - of money, time, emotions. That's why we promise you total transparency. You will know from the beginning what are the steps that we will go through together and what you will have to invest in - design costs, material and labor costs, transport costs, site organization, etc.

we seek solutions, not problems

"No, that's not possible", "it's not a feasible scenario", "that won't fit into the budget"... maybe you've already heard this before when you presented your ideas to someone.

We put solutions in front of problems. Because we want you to be completely satisfied with your project, we will do our best to present you with solutions tailored to your needs and desires.

unique project, tailor-made for you

In the end, we promise you will get a project that looks only how your project can look like. We are all unique...so why won't our homes be too?

à la longue partner

Once you start a project with our team, you will have a reliable partner - both during the project and after it ends. We are concerned with the evolution of the projects over time and, above all, the experience of our clients with the designed spaces, once the construction is complete. We believe in  la longue relationships.


For us, the team is the main driver for a successful project. And we want you to be part of this team. Any creative project should be a special experience, and we would be happy to work side by side with you in a completely transparent process. You will be involved in all decisions and see how your project takes shape, day by day.

if you are interested in working together, let's get to know each other!
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